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Hello. My name is Rachael Black, and I have been working with dogs professionally since 2014. My journey started as a dog walker working for a large company, walking lots of mismatched dogs together! I started my own business, Growlers, in 2016, providing walks, daycare and boarding.

I first began to study dog behaviour and training in 2019, and am currently studying a Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Applied Animal Behaviour (Canine).

As well as providing dog daycare, I also have experience of organising and running dog training classes. I am not currently taking on new clients for behaviour or daycare.

Licenced with Brighton & Hove City Council #2021-01731-ANIBOD

Qualifications and experience

Level 4 Diploma

Canine Welfare, Training and Behaviour

Level 3 Diploma

Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare

Student Member of I.S.A.P

International Society of Animal Professionals

Animal Shelter

Rescue Dog Experience

I have many years of experience of caring for and studying rescue dogs, as well as being a guardian to my own rescue pups. Most reputable rescue organisations will help you through the initial weeks of rehoming your new dog, but what happens after that? I can give you guidance on how to create a perfect environment for your new family member, as well as a training plan to tackle any issues.

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Fear free/ Force free

I believe, through study and experience, that the most effective and humane way to train and care for our dogs is using the force free, fear free structure. I encourage the use of positive reinforcement and enrichment, as they have been proven to improve the welfare of dogs. I am against the use of aversive punishment of any dog. Punishment increases the risk of pain, stress and aggression. I will never use aversive methods on your dog.

Scientific DNA Strand

Science based approach

I use scientifically proven methods to ensure that the dogs I work with are getting all their needs met. As a cynologist, I am continuously learning about dogs, and I ensure that I am up to date with modern studies as well as animal law. I regularly attend seminars on dog welfare and behaviour. I am currently studying with Compass Education and Training, accredited by the Institute for Animal Care Education.


Are you a dog behaviourist?

No - not yet! I refer to myself as a cynologist. Dog training and behaviour is not a regulated industry, so literally anyone can call themselves a trainer or behaviourist.

Do you provide one-to-one help?

I am currently studying with the aim to qualify in Clinical Canine Behaviour, and am unable to offer behaviour consultations. Once qualified, I will be working with local veterinary surgeries in Brighton.

Can you fix my dog?

No! Dogs don't need to be fixed - they need to be understood. I can help you to have a greater understanding of your dog's behaviour, which in turn will create a stronger bond, and a happy, mostly stress-free home life!

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